Tuesday, March 5, 2013

winter is long

I’m sick of the winter. Winters just seem to go on forever. At first it’s fun because there are lots of holidays to look forward too. All the stores and streets get decked out in lights and decorations. Everything just feels a lot happier during the holiday seasons. But then New Years eve is over and winter decides to keep on going, and there really is no point to it anymore. It’s cold and miserable, and there is nothing to look forward to.

It’s interesting that all of the seasons are supposed to last the same amount of time, but it seems like winter goes on the longest. I swear that it has been winter where I live since October. And there is no end in sight. Once it starts to warm up it’s short lived before it’s winter once again. I don’t even live in a really cold state. Winter is just forever long.

The worst part about winter is that I start to lack any interest in leaving my house. It’s easy to stay indoors for weeks at a time, especially because I work for home, but it’s not healthy to do that. I miss going out and doing things, but at the same time as soon as I feel the cold air on my skin, I remember why I decide not to leave the house. Can winter just be over already?  

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