Sunday, March 3, 2013


I have a problem with procrastination. I think that procrastination is a problem that plagues a lot of people, but me more than ever. Everything that I do in life has to be done tomorrow. This means that I end up getting things done months after I should have.

This is not a good thing when you are self employed. You don’t have a boss around to tell you that you need to get things done. You don’t have someone pressuring you that if you don’t finish your work, you’re going to be fired. In a way I do have that stress, because if I don’t do the work, I don’t get paid. But It’s definitely not as motivating as it would be to have a boss. I’m not saying I want a boss though. Bosses are the worst, and it’s the number one reason I have decided to freelance full time.

I’ve tried multiple things to help myself get over my procrastination but nothing works. I’ve read books about getting things done, I have a vast array of productivity apps, and I’ve even done the traditional pen and paper thing, but nothing works.

I’ve found that the only thing that really motivates me is waking up early and just starting to work without thinking to much about it. But then there is the whole issue with actually waking up. But I’ll save that for the next post.  

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