Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting into baking

I’ve recently discovered that I love to bake. For the longest time I avoided baking because I thought it would be too much effort. I also had a bad experience where I tried to bake a really complex cake recipe and it took me about six hours before the entire thing was done. It did taste really delicious, but that’s six freaking hours of just sitting around baking, which is way too much time.

Then I found the itch to bake again when I found a really simple cookie recipe. The cookies were quick to make, and they were delicious. Ever since then I have been going around the internet collecting massive amounts of recipes so that I could put my new baking bug to the test.

I borrowed a hand mixer from my mom which makes baking a lot easier, but I was thinking that if this is something that I am going to be doing regularly then maybe I should buy myself a stand mixer. They are so pretty, and they can be used for a lot of things besides just baking. They’re pretty expensive, but I’ve heard that they last for a really long time. I was looking at stand mixer reviews here and I definitely think I might be convinced that I should get one now.

Whatever I do, I know that baking is most certainly something that I am going to continue to explore and enjoy. Plus aside from it being fun, it’s way cool to have delicious snacks around the house now. 

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