Friday, March 8, 2013

Netflix Instant is terrible

What is the deal with the horrible selection of movies for Netflix instant? I can’t believe I am paying for a service that only has the worst movies that were eve released. Netflix has a pretty great selection of television shows, there are a lot of shows that I have never watched before that I want to see, but when I am in the mood for a good movie, I check on Netflix and it’s not there. I’m not just talking about recent movies. There are tons of older movies that I want to watch that are no where to be found in their library.

Even though the selection of television shows are great, they are terrible at updating them. It’s about two years after a season ends before it even goes up on Netflix. I know that it is difficult to acquire the rights to things, but at the same time I am wondering what the purpose of having this service is if it’s so terrible and I get frustrated every time I look at the selection.

I love watching horror movies and the selection of horror movies is probably the worst thing about the entire service. It’s honestly just a bunch of stuff that they collected from the syfy channel, and that is not a compliment. It’s all the kind of movies that even I could have been cast in. No plot. Bad acting. Just horrible all around. I am waiting for the day when Netflix will finally transform into a service worth having.  

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